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Quality – more often promised than delivered – is the aim of every business.

To be known for the consistent quality of your products and services can be a major stepping-stone to business success. However, achieving this requires investment in your people, tooling and processes.

You will also need to ask searching questions about your business:

  • are you confident all your people make what you produce to the same high standard, every day, in every location?
  • do you want your business and reputation to be built on how your employees currently work?
  • is your business continuity at risk if certain staff are unavailable?
  • are employees putting your business at risk by not following a certain process?
  • do they have a process to work to?
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Unicorn Solutions provides a number of training courses to help you answer these questions and improve quality processes and management in your company:

Being able to provide your products and services in a safe, efficient and consistent way is how you can ensure your customers will be satisfied.

Many large organisations see the ISO9001 as demonstrating your commitment to delivering quality. If you have this accreditation, they will notice. Unicorn Solutions will give your business the support and guidance it needs both to gain this accreditation and keep it.

Using the continual improvement cycle PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act), we work with your business and its people to identify the key systems and processes required for consistent quality output. We will also identify any risks to the business and mitigate them where practical.

A company that takes its corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously is one that cares about the quality of its operation. Protecting the environment is a key element of CSR and having an effective environmental management system in place is tangible evidence of commitment. You can demonstrate what you are doing to reduce your waste impact and carbon footprint, while also saving money by utilising your inputs more efficiently.

Unicorn Solutions can provide you with projected savings from any investment in environmental technology while also having your systems accredited under ISO14001 which also uses the PDCA cycle of continual improvement.

There are numerous examples of large companies being damaged by information security breaches. If private data gets into the wrong hands it can have a major impact on a business, its clients, suppliers and employees.

Having robust management systems for both Information Technology and paper-based information can significantly reduce the likelihood of any data protection breach and subsequent lawsuits.

The ISO27001 Information Security Management systems are built on protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. Increasingly, they are a requirement for working with large corporate clients.

Unicorn Solutions can help you identify potential information security risks in your business and mitigate them sufficiently, so that your business and its data subjects are less vulnerable to information breaches.

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