At Unicorn Solutions, we have a secret we’d like to share with you.

Thousands of businesses, including your competitors, are sitting on the means to improve their performance and profitability. They just don’t realise it.

Something they see as a chore, necessary but strategically unimportant, actually can drive their company forward if implemented effectively.

Do you want enhanced reputation and employee morale? Cost savings and efficiencies? Improvements to the bottom line? All this can be achieved if you cut accidents and injuries in the workplace, reducing the likelihood of fines and compensation payments and disruption to production.

You have a legal requirement to be health and safety compliant.  Unicorn’s two-step approach ensures you get maximum value and benefit from this:

  1. We implement user-friendly systems and structures, backed by our expert training, to professionalise your workplace and ensure all staff operate in a safe and healthy environment.
  1. We establish quality procedures to ensure the health and safety protocols continue to operate effectively, procedures which can then extend to other areas of your company’s operation.

This unique blend of H&S compliance and quality improvements is the formula that drives company improvements. That’s why we do it.

It’s the secret of our success – and it could be yours too.

About Dean Williams

Managing Director of Unicorn Solutions Dean Williams has many years of experience in Health and Safety and Quality.  His skills have been used across many sectors including engineering, manufacturing, farming, nursing homes, school nurseries, office workers and construction in the UK and overseas.

Dean formed Unicorn Solutions Ltd in January 2015 after spending 9 years previously as the Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental manager for a large Communication installation business in the north west of England.  Dean offers a pragmatic modern approach to health and safety and assists businesses in applying what he calls the “goldilocks treatment”, not too harsh, not too weak… just right!

Dean also gets frustrated with the “blame” or “excuse” perception of health and safety and can apply the legislative requirements to various sectors and businesses in a sensible way. Dean will bring the right attitude, behaviours and education which will feed into the business culture.

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