culture improvement

Continual improvement through culture change.

If a company’s prized asset is its employees, then why do so many workers believe they are taken for granted or, worse still, feel totally worthless?

Most bosses are aware of their staff’s tremendous value but are unsure on how to show it. And, in some instances, unintentionally display the complete opposite.

Long-term investment of time and care into your greatest asset is essential.

Treating them as you would your most loyal customers will soon boost morale and, more importantly, productivity .

Employees who feel cared for generally work harder, contribute more, take less time off sick and stay at a company longer.

Greater productivity will lead to better results and a lower workload for management, which benefits everyone.

Staff working for a company tend to fall into three categories – they either love, like or loathe their job.

Those who loathe their role, work at around 65 per cent of their maximum capabilities – compared to 90 per cent from those who love going to work.

Happy workers are often more complementary about the company, creating a positive vibe and increased interest from others keen to work there.

And if people express a willingness to join your business, you will attract the most talented individuals.

Unicorn can provide companies with a strategy which proves to employees that they genuinely matter and their work is truly appreciated.

Our solutions provide employees with a true sense of worth and belonging.

We help employees to grow within the business and develop new skills that are rewarding to all.

Show a person that you care and they will blossom as an individual, resulting in the continual success of the business.






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